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COREBYTE TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a company specializing in enterprise cloud services, providing cloud solution design and implementation, cloud architecture consulting, project migration, and hybrid cloud environment hosting services. Currently, we have helped more than 500 enterprises to provide cloud support, and our customers cover industries such as Internet, media, games, e-commerce, automotive, finance, and social applications.

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Average efficiency gains


Average IT Cloud Spending Savings

MSP - Full Lifecycle Management Tool with Cloud

Combined with CoreByte's accumulated best practices, the self-developed MSP platform integrates multiple public cloud resources and services to provide appropriate usage solutions for customers at different stages of cloud usage, and provides continuous technical support to escort customers' business to the cloud.

Using CoreByte's self-developed MSP platform for one year significantly reduces the waste of IT resources on the cloud and improves work efficiency.

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Our Solutions

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Working with partners to deliver solutions on the cloud

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
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Global Apparel Sales Company
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A famous game company
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A well-known software development company
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An APP software development company
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