CoreByte provides cloud migration services to help organizations efficiently build secure cloud applications and quickly migrate data to cloud services. Over the past few years, we have helped many of our customers successfully migrate their data to the cloud, helping them save on operational costs and see significant improvements in business agility, productivity and operational resilience as well.

Cloud migration strategy development and implementation

CoreByte has been precipitating cloud services for more than ten years, with rich business practice experience, and can provide cloud solutions in many fields, such as blockchain, gaming, retail, finance, manufacturing, and so on.

After confirming the feasibility of migration, the application migration method is elaborated, prioritized and planned, and the migration plan is gradually improved;

Including network networking, security structure design, business to cloud architecture design, data to cloud architecture design;

CoreByte technical support or assistance to help enterprises to realize the migration to the cloud, and the smooth completion of the cutover of business systems, compared with direct cooperation with cloud vendors, CoreByte in terms of price and migration cycle is better;

Pay close attention to the product improvement and enhancement of cloud service vendors, pay timely attention to the direction of technical architecture evolution and best practices, and continuously optimize the architecture and resource allocation of the system.

Streamlining the product structure by eliminating complex and redundant resource application solutions

Optimize the cloud portfolio to standardize on more efficient and cost-effective products to optimize costs

Continuous optimization of existing cloud resource cost architecture

Team Advantage

Extensive deployment & delivery experience

The backbone of the team has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and has accumulated rich experience in system architecture, development, operation and maintenance, and migration;

Specialized cloud migration technology team

All team members have technical certifications from several top cloud vendors, including AWS, Azure, AliCloud, Tencent Cloud, and Huawei Cloud;

Industry-leading technological advantages

Has accumulated services for nearly one hundred enterprises, for different sizes of industry customers to provide technical services, team members with a wide range of technology, customers more worry.

Post-migration support

Migration optimization
24*7 Support Services
Team Training