Cloud Billing Services

Based on the self-developed MSP platform, it supports the bill management of many cloud service providers such as AWS, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud.

Cloud Cost Management Challenges

Lack of understanding of the billing methods of various cloud vendors' products, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual analysis

Cost optimization is unavailable and there is a lack of implementable optimization solutions

Difficulty in apportioning and accounting for costs and lack of cost perspective from operations to resources

Corebyte MSP Platform

Covering the full life cycle of cloud usage, optimizing the use of cloud resources and reducing cloud consumption.

Consumption data for different time periods
Resource Consumption Percentage of Each Cloud Factory
Project Consumption Ranking
Product Consumption Ranking
Billing Methods
Consumption Trend Analysis
Consumption Spike Warning
Idle Resource Suggestion
Cost optimization suggestions
Savings overview
Panoramic Overview

Provide detailed visualized data content such as cloud resource usage and cost ranking of different cloud vendors, and intuitively view an overview of the savings that can be and have been saved;

Cost analysis

Supports custom analysis dimensions and chart styles, multi-dimensional analysis of cloud resource usage and costs, and bill visualization from a business perspective;

Analysis of resources

Automatically discover idle, underutilized, and unreasonably paid resources and provide actionable optimization recommendations;

Budget Management

Visualize budget management, custom configure notification methods and notifiers, and trigger early warning mechanisms;

Dedicated Account Manager

Equipped with an exclusive account manager to provide interpretation of the latest preferential policies and market activities of cloud factories, and provide suggestions for optimizing the procurement of cloud resources;

Technical Support Services

Technical specialists proficient in the characteristics of cloud plant resources, cost-effective technical support services, on-demand comprehensive inspection of customer cloud resources and the environment, put forward the optimization of the configuration, cost reduction guidance recommendations.

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