Social Media

Difficulties facing the globalization of social media platforms

Massive Content Storage

The audio, video, and graphic content on the platform is updated heavily every day, requiring massive amounts of elastic storage that can be scaled.

Overseas Content Compliance Audit

Different regions have different censorship standards and requirements for social media content, and you need to ensure that the content meets local cultural and legal requirements.

Efficiency of data transfer across geographical areas

Social media platforms usually need to synchronize and exchange a large amount of data globally in real time, how to ensure the data transmission speed and user experience.

Difficulty in migrating existing data

Migrating data to a cloud environment is a huge undertaking for platforms that already have a lot of data.

Social Media Solutions Framework

Pan-Entertainment Overseas Solutions

Relying on a strong overseas infrastructure, it provides a cross-regional global service high-quality network, meets the needs of users in all scenarios from content production, storage and transcoding, risk auditing, and personalized recommendation, and provides an integrated all-link service in the cloud, which helps enterprises to quickly build secure, elastic, efficient, and customizable globalization platforms and applications.

Core competencies
Massive Elastic Cloud Storage

Multiple ways to easily store massive amounts of data, from any location and any application, on the cloud.

Full Scenario Security Audit

Multi-modal analysis of content, text, voice, and scene for intelligent global auditing.

Smart Service Recommendations

Based on long-term industry users and technology accumulation, we provide personalized recommendation services for global users.

Advantages of our solutions

Unified administration

Easily manage resources across different cloud service providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) through one MSP platform.

Data administration

Helps organizations achieve cross-cloud data integration and service collaboration to improve business continuity and agility.

Flexible deployment

Flexibility to select and provision cloud resources globally based on business, cost, performance, and regulatory compliance needs.


Help organizations choose a cloud service provider that meets geographic compliance requirements to ensure the legality and security of data processing.

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