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Operational challenges

High policy risk

It is difficult for enterprises to understand the policy differences between countries, the policies and implementation of open ports in different countries and regions are different, the degree of informatization is not the same, and the calculation of import and export taxes is complicated, and the customs clearance procedures are very different.

Difficulty in interfacing customs systems

It needs to dock with the customs systems of different cross-border ports, split orders according to different overseas warehouses, different bonded zones, and different trade patterns, which makes the business complicated and difficult to dock with the customs systems of different countries.

High platform threshold

The third-party large-scale e-commerce platform is popular and has a large amount of traffic, but it has a high barrier to entry, fierce competition, and is not easy to settle consumption data, which is difficult to be used for big data analysis and precision marketing, and the subsequent risk is high.

Shopping habits vary widely

It needs to meet the shopping habits of users in different countries, compatible with the tax requirements of each country, currency, payment and logistics system, and at the same time need to meet the multi-language, personalized process support.

Corebyte has the solution for you!

Global deployment

corebyte cooperates with several cloud vendors such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Ali Cloud, etc., and its services cover in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Europe, America, the Middle East and other regions, to meet the needs of enterprises' globalized independent station operation.

One-Stop Solution

Create a one-stop solution including domain name registration, international trademark registration, cloud resource allocation recommendation, platform construction, brand operation and effect marketing to help enterprises expand overseas markets.

handle pressure with equanimity

Container clustering or ECS + Elastic Scaling + Elastic Load Balancing solutions can guarantee a smooth response to traffic fluctuations and reduce costs at the same time.

Technical Support Services

Conduct comprehensive inspections of customer cloud resources and environments on an as-needed basis, and make guidance recommendations for optimized configuration and cost reduction.

E-commerce solution framework

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