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Response time

We will respond within a maximum of 10 minutes after the customer opens the ticket/initiates the request. The response will include a notification acknowledging receipt of the request and, where possible, providing an initial resolution.

Processing time

The time from incident or event triggering to remediation will depend on the severity and complexity of the incident. Our company will start the process immediately after the incident occurs, and our technical support engineers will prioritize the cases submitted by customers according to the severity of the case and give a faster response to urgent issues.

Notification time

Customers will be notified in a timely manner when an incident occurs that impacts their business and updates will be provided every 1 hour until the incident is resolved. For incidents with severe business impact, more frequent updates will be provided to ensure that the customer is aware of the progress of the incident and the status of the resolution.

Turnaround time for changes/requests

The turnaround time for Customer-initiated changes/requests will depend on the nature and complexity of the request. We will provide an initial response within 1 business day of the Customer-initiated request and, where possible, an estimated completion time.

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Initiating investigations
Initiating investigations

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