Cloud O&M Services

Assist enterprise business cloud operation and maintenance management, reduce operation and maintenance costs and risks, improve business stability, and help enterprises accelerate digital transformation.


ITIL compliant

Following the ITIL management framework and industry best practices, we provide standardized and regulated O&M services to meet our clients' needs for regulatory compliance.

Optimizing Cloud Costs

Through the self-developed MSP platform, we regularly review the usage and cost of cloud resources, adopt strategies to adjust resource allocation, optimize resource usage, and achieve cost efficiency.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the use of cloud resources, timely resolution of performance issues through the expansion of resources or optimization of the configuration, etc., to ensure that the system performance meets business needs.

Security Management

Conduct regular security audits and compliance checks to ensure that cloud environments follow industry standards and regulatory requirements, and implement and maintain security measures to protect the organization from threats.

Intelligence + 24/7 Surveillance

Combined with the triple management system of MSP platform + experts + AI, it provides 7*24 round-the-clock operation and maintenance management services, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, and protects customers' business.

Technical Support & Consulting

Provide comprehensive technical support and professional consulting services, covering pre-sales, sales and after-sales phases, to help formulate cloud strategy, optimize cloud architecture, and solve problems in the use of cloud services.

One-time Cloud O&M Service

Prevention and Optimization

By analyzing the stability and security of our clients' systems, we proactively identify potential problems and recommend preventive and enhancement measures to avoid risks in advance.

on-site assistance

Provide on-site collaborative maintenance services to help customers optimize the operation and maintenance management of cloud resources, reduce operating costs and risks, and ensure the continuity and stability of business operations.

Event Security

Before the customer conducts a major event, the business system is analyzed on the whole link, performance bottlenecks are predicted, and contingency plans are made to ensure the smooth running of the event.

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