Cloud Planning Services

Full lifecycle consulting and planning services for enterprise cloud transformation

Provide comprehensive planning services for a wide range of needs in the cloud transformation process

Cloud Strategy Planning and Development

Corebyte plans reasonable cloud solutions based on enterprise needs, designs efficient and scalable cloud architectures, including network design, storage solutions and compute resource allocation, and develops disaster recovery plans and business continuity strategies to ensure high availability of services.

Cost management and optimization

Corebyte provides organizations with cost-budgeted management advice on the cloud, day-to-day guidance on the management and maintenance of cloud resources, including monitoring, automation, and performance optimization, and maximizes cost-effectiveness by analyzing and recommending resource optimization strategies.

Security and Compliance Consulting

In cloud planning services, it is critical to ensure that an organization's cloud environment meets the highest security standards and industry compliance requirements.COREBYTE provides security and compliance consulting services, including data protection, network security, identity and access management, and compliance audits. Ensure that your business follows applicable laws, rules and industry standards during cloud migration and operations.

Rich Cloud Ecology

Corebyte has close working relationships with a number of cloud vendors and can provide a diverse range of cloud services and solutions to meet the needs of organizations of different industries and sizes.

Service Advantages

Technical Capability

COREBYTE's technical team holds a wide range of public cloud-related certifications, covering key areas such as cloud consulting, cloud security, cloud migration and cloud management. COREBYTE's self-developed MSP platform provides customers with stable and reliable technical support to ensure the efficient operation of their cloud services.

Team Competence

COREBYTE brings together a group of professional cloud business experts and cloud operation and maintenance team, who have comprehensive technical knowledge and rich practical experience, and are able to support customers' cloud computing needs from multiple perspectives.

Best Practices

COREBYTE has accumulated rich experience and successful cases in providing cloud consulting and planning services. Whether it is cloud architecture design, cloud security strategy, cloud disaster recovery solution, big data processing or cloud native application transformation, we help our customers realize the success of cloud transformation in various scenarios.

Service Advantages

COREBYTE's cloud planning services lead the industry and have been recognized by many cloud vendors and enterprise customers. COREBYTE's cloud planning services help customers to efficiently complete their cloud migration and operations, and also ensure that they are able to maximize the business value of their cloud utilization.

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