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COREBYTE TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a company specializing in enterprise cloud services, providing cloud solution design and implementation, cloud architecture consulting, project migration, and hybrid cloud environment hosting services. Currently, we have helped more than 500 enterprises to provide cloud support, and our customers cover industries such as Internet, media, games, e-commerce, automotive, finance, and social applications.


2014. Inception

Founded in 2014, COREBYTE was initially formed by a group of passionate IT and cloud experts focused on providing cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Initially, the company focused on providing basic cloud migration services and consulting to help customers understand the benefits of cloud computing and adopt cloud technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

2018. Expanding
operations and markets

As cloud computing technology matures and market demand grows, COREBYTE has expanded its services to include advanced cloud solution design and implementation, cloud architecture consulting, and customized project migration services.

The company began to attract more large enterprise customers, including leaders in the Internet, media and e-commerce industries. During this period, COREBYTE also began to expand its market footprint in the Asia Pacific region, establishing strategic partnerships with several cloud service providers.

2023. Technology Innovation
and Industry Leadership

By 2023, COREBYTE is already a leading company within the enterprise cloud solutions space. Not only does it provide hosting services for hybrid cloud environments, but it has also introduced innovative solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help organizations achieve intelligent operations and data analytics.

Facing the acceleration of global digital transformation, COREBYTE has further expanded its global business scope by establishing several overseas branches, especially in the Southeast Asian market.

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